Annoncement ⁠— $1.8M Secured for Pre-clinical Development


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Animal Reproductive Biologist


We are seeking a talented scientist with experience in reproductive biology of large mammals to take part in the development of a groundbreaking non-hormonal contraceptive for women. As a R&D scientist you will be an essential driver of the scientific discoveries that will translate into commercially successful products. You will be conducting pre-clinical research with a network of researchers in and outside Denmark and report directly to the CSO. We provide both a competitive salary and attractive compensation in company shares.

Key responsibilities

  • Perform in vivo experiments in large animals to assess efficacy and safety of formulations
  • Act as a liaison between partner sites and the rest of the research team
  • Analyse and present data to the research team and to management
  • Produce documentation of protocols, procedures and results

you have experience with reproduction experimentation in large animals such as sheep. This includes sperm collection, processing, artificial insemination, and animal monitoring. You are also comfortable in a laboratory, handling basic biochemical assays and imagery techniques. You will be travelling extensively to partners' sites for the purpose of training and experiments from your base in Copenhagen.

Techniques you will be using:

  • Sperm collection, handling, and labelling
  • Artificial insemination in large animals
  • In vivo and ex-vivo fluorescence imaging techniques

Travel 30-90 days of travel per year.

Deadline Position to be filled as soon as possible. For more details, please contact Thomas Crouzier via All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

Our Story

Our mission is to create a next genetration contraceptive technology to replace hormonal birth control as the go-to option for women.